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Take a look at our new clients!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

We are happy and proud to represent two new French clients worldwide:

Les Éditions du Faubourg, whose eclectic list (fiction, graphic fiction and non-fiction, essays about contemporary topics and even some guidebooks) has already met with acclaim. Their hot title of the moment is The Big Trial of the Animals, by journalist Jean-Luc Porquet and graphic artist Jacek Wozniak, a very topical, witty and lovingly illustrated ecological fable.

Check out their rights list:

Foreign Rights Catalogue Editions du Faubourg
Download PDF • 9.44MB


Also new: small and very focused Terre Urbaine, who specialize in books at the intersection of philosophy, ecology and urbanism. A sentimental anthropology of cycling (Italian rights already sold to Cortina)? A philosophical examination of the pedestrian's place in the city? An essay about the pioneering American ecologists (Emerson, Thoreau, Muir et al.)? They have that and more.

Rights list here:

Rights List Fall 2021 Terre Urbaine
Download PDF • 6.76MB

If you spot anything you'd like to see, just get in touch, it'll be delivered to your inbox in no time! deborah@agencedeborahdruba.com

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